Follow the Sound of Hammers!

About a year ago my friend Sara clued me in to the coolest monthly event that goes down every first Saturday: The Home Depot Kids Workshops!

8V8A6750   8V8A6776

In addition to being an awesome and free kids activity perfect for ages 4-9, Home Depot Workshops provide an opportunity for little hands to take a swing with the hammer and increase their life skills while having FUN.  Kids drive in the nails, sand the corners, glue the edges, and finally paint their masterpieces, all right smack in the middle of the lumber department of the world’s greatest hardware store. What’s not to love??


Tables made out of paint buckets and plywood hold the whole operation together!

8V8A6748    8V8A6749

It’s loud, messy, and a total bonding experience between child and parent as littles inevitably need help the first couple of times following the step by step instructions.  Each month there’s a different project kids can complete in about an hour, including bird houses, give & save banks, flower planters, and mini sleds around Christmastime that fit our American Girl dolls perfectly!  

8V8A6755    8V8A6759

We love this stuff!

8V8A6770    8V8A6760


As time has gone on, we’ve invited countless friends to join us at metro-area Home Depot locations to eat popcorn – it’s free by the exits – and socialize over a woodcraft on a Saturday morning.  Some locations even have face painting!


Adorable Leonardo.


Jamie Matthew ❤


We once brought 7 friends along to Home Depot Saturday, which I think was a record for noise contributed by one group of woodworkers.

Here’s Audrey demonstrating what she does when left to experiment with loads of paint and wood glue!




And everyone wants a photo with their work of art!

8V8A6800    8V8A6787


The next Home Depot Kids Workshop is THIS SATURDAY 5/2 from 9am-12pm at most all of the Home Depot locations nationwide! If you want to join the fun with our group of hoodlums, we usually go to one of the various Minneapolis locations; let me know via email or in the comments if you’d like to come along.

Here’s to free family fun in the Twin Cities, and to building memories and experiences with our kids while they’re still little.  That’s all that matters to me!


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