A blogger of words.

Hey, hi. Is this seat taken? I think I’m finally ready to start a blog.

I’m just going to go for it, despite the feeling I’m a little late to this shindig – didn’t everyone start a blog 5 years ago? Nevertheless I’m deciding to write one now, not because I think my opinions are unique or my verbiage is funny or that I even have anything particularly important to say. I’m not on some crazy diet or taking maternity leave, and I’m certainly not a fashionista (trust me, you don’t want an #ootd from my closet – I work at home and live in sweats!). But none of that is what matters, not even one iota.

I’m writing this blog because the words are spilling out of me like water. They are everywhere; on notes that clutter my desk and fill my phone, on scraps of paper corked to the board, words on my hand, taped to the mirror. It’s constant. I write when I’m happy and when I’m sad, to punctuate experiences and process realities. The words keep coming. I try to organize them into articles, though structured they are not, and all I’m left with is more words to replace the words that first came out of me. Words I never knew I had in me and words I had suppressed for so long – scribble, jot, scrawl. What is it about this medium that brings my soul such joy?

 My heart exploded into words, and so I wrote them down.

I’m writing, because words make sense to me. I’m blogging, because I want to relate my experiences to the world, these experiences of the extraordinary every day life of being married to a filmmaker and raising a daughter (which is pure magic). Isn’t that the point of a blog, to share our experiences in words and sometimes photos and relate them to one another, to contribute to the collective?  I’m ready to start participating with my words.

But not just words – recipes! And thrift store reviews, photos, and crafts – oh holy CRAFTS. Good music, road trips, cupcakes, dates and coffee, and everything else that strikes my fancy, though my happiness is rarely found in fancy things. I love sunshine and flowers and rainbows in my life, but still deeply appreciate a good movie marathon, books by Jenny Holzer and some of the darker inspirations I find in photography – so there will be much of that too. I want this blog to celebrate circumstances in life because every part is beautiful, and just because an outfit or experience isn’t stylized over white does not mean it’s not worth talking about!

I’m writing this blog for me, but also to meet people and hopefully find a greater sense of community online. I’m amazed by the blogging world and consider myself a total newbie, but I’m ready to jump in and participate.  Not to enlighten the world on some big great thing I’m doing, but to be authentic and true with my experiences and to just contribute.

I’m writing this blog because life is too magical not to share, too memorable to not remember; His goodness to us has overwhelmed me. And I just want to document this beautiful life.

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